Leading through serving.

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Congregational Model of Leadership

At REAL we believe a church thrives when it functions as a body - many parts create the whole. That’s why we have four main circles of leadership. In this way, each group is accountable to and strengthened by the others.



Church Planter - Lead Pastor

I lead the vision and mission of our new church plant which includes leadership development, evangelism, reconciliation, & justice formation in how we live out our call as a church.

I love seeing the big picture and watching the pieces slowly come together to form a beautiful mosaic. It's a privilege to watch God paint His picture. 

Why REAL? 

As Christians we are called to embody the reconciliation of all things as a diverse group of people. God called me to plant a church along with others who are committed to the kingdom vision of seeking heaven on earth in my hometown. This is the call!

Fun fact

I was shot in the face with a .45 caliber handgun in 2003. God spared my life and I am eternally grateful!



Executive Pastor

I love seeing people grow in their faith through discipleship and fall in love with Jesus.

I particularly focus to small group ministry and Sunday service systems.

Why REAL? 

I’ve been chasing a promise since I was 24.  A promise to see a reconciled church, that can bear witness to the love of God and the power of the Gospel.  

Fun Fact

I’m a professional visual artist. 

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Co-Chair on Short-Term Leadership Team

I co-lead the team in implementing operational goals and strategies that align with the mission and core values of REAL Community. My favorite part about facilitating is the brainstorming process. It takes a village and I enjoy growing with this village. 


God chose REAL for me to serve at because of my passion for all people to know the love of Jesus Christ. Taking the love of Christ to the streets and out of the "building" and doing life together as a community.

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Financial Stewardship Leader 

Using God’s resources wisely and joyfully by keeping track of finances.


Being part of a community of believers from all walks of life is important to me. All parts of the body of Christ can then use their talents to reflect the love of Christ where we are located.

Fun fact

My fantasy football league started in 1981, and I seem to win every time I add a female to my household.